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Fill Your Funnel with Quality Prospects

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Referrals and bus benches can only get you so far.

As a real estate agent, you know you should be prospecting, but sometimes is can be hard to know where to start. Should I buy a lead list? Should I get a real-estate dialer? 

This is where Cole Realty Resource comes in. 

Using Cole’s custom search you can create a lead list based on your ideal client in the areas you want to sell. Reach out to those most likely to list with you in the neighborhoods you want to sell.

How it works:

When you prospect with a Cole-powered lead list, you unlock the power of a targeted approach to your prospecting strategy and can have more meaningful and purposeful conversations with the people most likely to list with you.


How to get started with Cole Realty Resource.

Getting started with a better approach to prospecting with Cole is easy. 

1. Think of your ideal client based on specific demographics like income, property value, and length of time in home. Having an ideal client in mind helps you take a targeted approach to prospecting, rather than a broad approach with a generic real estate lead list. Examples of some ideal client attributes include:

  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Mortgage info
  • Sale info
  • Square footage
  • Home features
  • Year built
  • Time in home
  • Confirmed buyer

2. Choose an area for your search – want to search the whole zip code? You can do that. However, you can also get as strategic as you want targeting certain neighborhoods.

3. Create your lead list. Using the Prospecting IQ tab on the homepage, you can create a custom lead list, based on zip code or a specific address and your ideal prospect’s unique profile attributes. Your subscription to Cole gives you access to 4 verified points of contact:

  • Landline phone numbers 
  • Cell phone numbers
  • Physical address
  • Email address 

4. Get started! After selecting your unique attributes, your customized lead lists are then categorized by personal and property info and delivered to you for download or you can upload to any program like excel or a preferred CRM.

5. Your next step is to make your lead lists effective and work for you. It can be as easy as picking up the phone and making calls to invite neighbors to an open house. 

6. Cold calling can be tough, that’s why we’ve created The Cold Calling Playbook complete with scripts for real estate agents. 

There are many ways you can put your list to work. Using some of the time-tested strategies real estate agents have used for decades, you can create a marketing campaign designed for your ideal client.


Making your lead lists actionable.

How Cole boosts your direct mail campaigns 

Using your customized lead list, you can target areas where you want to sell,  based on the client profiles you’ve selected. Create a direct mail campaign that speaks directly to the needs of your target client; young families that are growing and need more space, or to be in an area with better schools, and makes your cold calls more effective. In neighborhoods where property values are rising, use your direct mailing campaign to inform your prospects of property values by including a comparative analysis of Just Listed/ Just Sold properties in the area, emphasizing that it is a good time to list. A special or unique offer is a great way to call your prospective client to action and engage with you. Offer a home evaluation consultation to introduce yourself as the go-to agent in the area and start a conversation. 

Use your direct mail campaign to deliver valuable information about the area that also builds your authority on the neighborhood and keeps you top-of-mind. A quarterly calendar of local events, farmer’s market dates, and vendor lists or tips on how to overcome summer boredom are great items for a homeowner to hang on their fridge and remember your name in the process. 


How Cole powers your cold-calling campaigns.

Make your cold-calling more effective using a customized lead list targeting neighborhoods you’ve just made a sale in. Even before the home has sold, reach out to the neighborhood and introduce yourself and announce the next open house and invite them to meet you and check out the property. Don’t forget to follow up now that you’ve warmed up your prospect and continue to deliver a valuable, multi-channel marketing message with informational flyers, event announcements, and JLJS mailings.  

Multi-channel marketing: A combination of messaging techniques that involve direct marketing like mailers, phone calls, and text messages; and indirect messaging like television ads.


How Cole gives you the multi-channel edge.

For best results, we recommend taking a multi-channel approach. A multi-channel approach to prospecting effectively keeps you top-of-mind and delivers more value than a single-channel approach because you have multiple points of contact and more opportunities to make a lasting impression. The key to an effective multi-channel strategy is to determine the behaviors of your prospects, how they prefer to communicate, age, and engagement, and find the combination that works best for them. Use a CRM like Hubspot to measure your results and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.


How Cole powers your content marketing.

Content marketing with your Cole customized lead list helps you deliver the most relevant, and valuable content to your prospective clients: blog posts, email newsletters, downloadable PDFs, videos, or podcasts. Use your custom lead list to tailor your content to suit the needs of your prospective client; infographics about home maintenance tips they can download from their email, quarterly e-newsletters with family-friendly activities in their area, or activities and resources for retirees.

Power your next campaign with quality leads from Cole and take your prospecting to the next level with a multi-channel approach.


Get the most out of your next campaign by starting with a powerful lead list from Cole.

Get started now and prospect smarter with Cole Realty Resource.

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Call us to learn more about team pricing.


It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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Call us to learn more about team pricing.


It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!