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10 Lead Generation Tactics for Home Services Companies

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Your home service company is a need amongst clientele, but how can you stand out against the competition for clients to realize they need you?

It can be a struggle to bring in consistent business when you’re going up against other competitors in your area, but there is good news!

With subtle changes in your marketing strategy, your home service company can and will be seen as the number one go-to for your target audience. 

You just have to know who your ideal client is before you see results. Once that’s out of the way, the next challenge is the biggest: marketing your home service company to said client effectively.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t sweat it. 

We’ve curated this list of 10 lead generation tactics for home service companies to steal and win more clients.

10 Ways to Find Leads as a Home Service Provider

1. Get Crafty & Engage on Social Media

Digital marketing has never been more accessible for home service companies. 

Between Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, the possibilities to create crafty and attention-grabbing content is endless. 

But, what kind of “crafty content” should you create on social media?

According to a recent study released by Oracle, 90% of consumers said they were more willing to purchase from a brand after engaging with humorous advertisements. 


Because humor is relatable. For a moment, it makes the viewers forget they’re being pushed by a product. 

Video advertisements or graphics are the best way to advertise with humor while still showcasing your company and the services you offer.

Another important aspect to using social media as a lead gen tactic for your home service company is to engage with your target audience on the platforms. 

Respond to comments and DMs, show off testimonials or story mentions, and combine engagement with humorous content to watch your followers (and business grow).

Oh, and one more thing: remember to post consistently online. The more consistent you are in your social media marketing efforts, the more likely customers are to remember you. 

2. Target With Local-Specific Ads

Staying along the social media marketing tactic, get ultra-specific with your content by pushing out localized ads. 

Social media platforms (specifically Facebook) have ad settings that allow you to create content to be seen by residents in a specific area. 

Instead of trying to reach a broad audience that covers several areas, niching down to nearby residents allows you to connect with quality leads instead of wasting time and money marketing to too general of an audience. 

3. Utilize Local SEO

Every home service company needs a website and this platform is another area where you can get creative in reaching local residents as another lead gen tactic with local SEO.

What is local SEO, you ask?

Local SEO is what makes your business visible when a nearby ideal client types into the Google (or any search engine) search bar, “X services near me,” or something similar. 

If your site is properly set up for local SEO, the goal is to be the first page that pops up in the results. 

So, how do you make your site optimized for local SEO? Here’s a checklist to follow when establishing your site:

  • Create a Google Business Profile.
  • Use a keyword research tool to find trending keyword searches in your area (then put them organically on your site).
  • Write blog content using keywords locals are highly searching for in your area.
  • Make sure your site is optimized for mobile search
  • Use local schema markup.
  • Keep your business name and address consistent online. 
  • Create services pages for every location you serve on your site. 

4. Use Website Forms to Your Advantage

As a home service provider, you likely require at-home consultations to distribute quotes or diagnose issues customers are reaching out to you for. 

If this is the case (or if you want customers to take the next step in the journey), always always always have a form to fill out on your website. 

Website forms are a high lead generation tool for home service providers since it gathers valuable information such as the prospect’s name, address, and sometimes, phone number or email. 

If your client is not ready to take the leap in hiring you just yet, having their contact information is extremely valuable for continuing your marketing efforts. 

Have a visible contact form on every page of your site for leads to fill out and take the next step in the customer journey. 

5. Try Hyper-Localized Searches

Instead of waiting for clients to come to you, why don’t you make the first move? 

Softwares such as Cole’s Neighborhood Search brings customers to you with the help of a hyper-local search.

These searches pull up – in a matter of seconds – nearby homeowners’ names, leads next to homes you’re already working in/on, and contact information. 

Then you’re able to create a custom marketing plan to best target new clientele and bring more leads to your business. 

6. Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

Market yourself to future clients as you work with current clients. 

As you work with current clients, always remember to prioritize customer satisfaction as reviews are a big marketing tool for every business. 

The more positive and helpful you are with current clients, the more willing they will be to spread the word to family and friends and leave glowing remarks.

When prospective clients search for your business or find you (thanks to local SEO), the first place they’re going to check is the reviews section. 

Reviews build trust and credibility. If prospective clients see a lot of pleased former customers, the better your chances are at bringing in new leads. 

7. Answer Questions on a Blog

Blogging is a highly effective marketing tool home service providers should definitely take advantage of. 

Weaving in local SEO and trending keywords, answer questions your clients are searching for in a blog post. 

Not only does this help clients out with an issue they’re currently facing, it also boosts your expertise and positions you as a trustworthy expert.

“But, won’t giving away free information keep clients from needing me?!”


Blogs are best for educating audiences and solving their problems, yes, but you’re still marketing your services by spreading your industry knowledge, plus increasing website traffic.

The key to winning leads off blog posts is to write content that’s valuable and includes a strong CTA encouraging readers to contact you for help. 

For example, if you’re a plumbing company, write a blog post teaching homeowners in your area how to fix a slow draining sink. 

After giving readers a variety of safe, DIY methods for removing clogs, add a section at the bottom encouraging them to seek professional help at treating serious clogs by contacting you. 

Don’t forget to add a link directing prospects to your contact page or form! 

8. Offer Referral Discounts

Word of mouth marketing still reigns supreme as an undefeated lead generation tool for home service companies. 

What better way to enhance your lead wins than with discounted services? 

While working with clients, ask if they know of any family, friend, or colleagues who might need similar services.

Up the ante with a referral discount for both the new client and current one if the referral decides to book with you. 

9. Mail (Memorable) Marketing Materials

Yes, you heard us right: direct marketing is still a highly-profitable lead gen tactic for home service companies!

It’s even more lucrative if you mail memorable materials. 

When you mail prospects direct marketing materials, here’s what you’re doing:

  • Reminding clients that they need your services
  • Reminding clients that you exist

If you’re a roofing company, direct mail will get your client thinking, “How old is my roof, again?” Then, once they remember the last time their roof saw shingles was when President Eisenhower was in office, they’ll give you a call.

The best part about direct mail marketing is that it’s just as fun to play with as social media marketing.

Instead of solely mailing out an informational postcard stating your name, what you do, and contact info (though this is a great direct marketing piece, too), considering experimenting with a variety of fun direct mail marketing templates, like:

  • Holiday or seasonal greeting cards.
  • Fun reminders about your services.
  • Recipe cards. 
  • Spring and fall house cleaning checklists.
  • Postcards advertising questions you answer in your blog posts.

10. Start a Weekly Newsletter

While you’re gathering contact information (preferably emails) from your online contact form or hyper-local searches, remember to place these emails on your weekly newsletter subscription. 

A weekly newsletter has the same intent as your blog: build relationships with your target audience while boosting brand authority and converting more leads. 

The biggest difference between the two marketing tactics is that weekly newsletters are done via email marketing. 

Start a weekly newsletter to advertise your services with subscribers by spreading awareness of upcoming specials your company is offering, exciting events you’re hosting, or a new blog post you just posted that answers a trending question. 

Once your emails are sent, study your click-through rate and bounce-rate to build better engagement between your audience and keep leads in the loop. 

Land a New Customer Today

With so many possibilities to use as a new lead generation tool for your business, where should you start?

Before you start planning a new marketing campaign, know who you’re marketing to with the help of Cole Neighborhoods.

Our software finds prospective customers in your area with our hyper-local search to pinpoint homeowners in the same neighborhood so you have hundreds of leads in a matter of seconds. 

Plus, with our extensive data, you’ll get access to addresses and other contact information to use in your marketing plans. 

Tired of waiting on clients to show up at your doorstep? 

Take control of your business by scheduling your live demo with Cole today!

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Call us to learn more about team pricing.


It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

A man smiling at his computer

Call us to learn more about team pricing.


It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!